Water District

February 2023 WIBA#1 Newsletter


Work Completed to Date 10-19-2022
Work Completed to Date 7-13-2022
Work Completed to Date 6-15-2022 (11 x 17) -Model
press release final sign up meetings
Bergen breaks ground on water project 3-11- 2022
Construction to begin


January 2022 WIBA#1 update

Established Water District Map


Resolution #27-2021 Order Increasing the Maximum amount to be expended for the construction of WIBA#1

11-30-2021 Bond Resolution     Please take note that the Town Board will discuss the attached Supplemental Bond Resolution, pursuant to the bond resolution dated February 11th 2020 (the original resolution), authorizing general obligation serial bonds to finance water system capital improvements within the town of Bergen. At a special meeting on 11/30/2021 in the Town Hall at 10 Hunter Street, Bergen New York.  Anyone requesting a copy of this resolution may contact the Town of Bergen Clerk at 494- 1121


Water District update October 2021
WIBA#1 Special Meeting Notice  8-17-2021
Legal Notice WIBA#1- Permissive Referendom 7-13-21
Resolution #21-2021 7-13-2021

Bergen WIBA #1 Public Hearing Agenda 2021-07-13

WIBA#1 update 6-29-2021
Notice of Public Hearing to increase maximum amount to be expended in WIBA#1
WIBA #1 update on bid results
WIBA#1 update April 12, 2021
Deliiniation of Contracts 04-06-2021
WIBA#1 Update 01-30-2021

Newsletter to Residents WIBA #1 10-12-2020
July 25, 2020 Water Update
WIBA #1 April 25, 2020 Update

Water update 01-25-2020

water update 12 -14- 2019

Water Benefit Improvement Area #1 Update

9-05-2019 Public Hearing Presentation

Public Hearing Notice – Establishing a Water District and Exhibit A

Power Point Presentation Town Wide Water 05-28-2019

Bergen Water Improvement Benefit Area #1 Maps & Plans 2019-05-17