Town Historian

The historian’s office is now located at:

15 S. Lake Ave
P.O. Box 249
Bergen, NY 14416
Tel: (585) 494-0080
Email: [email protected]

Thomas M. Tiefel is the newly appointed Historian for the town of Bergen.
Tom has been a resident within the town of Bergen since 1995 when he purchased the historic 1834 Dean Farmstead on North Bergen Rd. Since that time, Tom has not only been a member of the Bergen Historical Society, but has served on the board as both vice president and president from 2000-2008. During his term as BHS president, Tom had personally supervised such projects as the approval of various grant funding from New York State for the Harford Livery Museum, and the revision of the Historical Society’s Constitution and By-Laws. Over the last 16 years, Tom has gained great appreciation for the extensive history our town has acquired over the last two centuries.

The Harford Livery museum complex located in the center of town will begin a complete transformation and will include various exhibits pertaining to the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. Newly added resources will aid in genealogy research as well!

If you would like to contact Thomas Tiefel, feel free to call 585-494-0080 and he will be happy to assist you!