Transfer Station


EFFECTIVE – July 1, 2017

Individuals will place all household trash (light purple bags), recyclables and/or construction and demolition materials in the respective containers provided and must pick up their own dropped or spilled materials.

No hazardous wastes, empty drum, barrels, aerosol cans, pesticide containers, paint cans, etc. will be accepted.

Items and quantities not specifically mentioned in the following fee schedule will be accepted and priced at the discretion of the Attendant.

Persons not following these rules will not be issued further permits.

                                                               WEEKLY HOUSEHOLD GARBAGE AND TRASH

$3.00 per bag (light purple) which are only available from the Town Clerk during normal business hours.

                                  CONSTRUCTION & DEMOLITION (C & D) MATERIALS AND BULK ITEMS

The Town will make every effort to have a container at the Transfer Site every Saturday, during the summer months, for

C & D materials.  At the discretion of the Town Officials, the container may be on-site for extended periods.

The following items will be accepted when C & D container is available:

  • $40.00 per level COMPACT pickup truck, minivan or station wagon
  • $50.00 per level FULL-SIZE pickup, or equivalent sized box trailer or van
  • $70.00 for loads that are filled over the top of the standard sides of the truck

                                                    NO LARGER QUANTITIES WILL BE ACCEPTED

  • $10.00   per item tied and bundled no larger than 3 feet long by 2 feet high and 2 feet wide
  • $15.00  per non-stuffed chair (kitchen, dining, etc.)
  • $25.00  per stuffed chair, mattress or bed springs
  • $35.00  per car load, sofa or equivalent size rolled carpet

TELEVISION SETS $5                                       CEE EQUIPMENT – FREE OF CHARGE

All METALS will be accepted for recycling at no cost – including CLEAN food cans.

APPLIANCES must have motors removed, but the motors will be accepted separately.

REFRIGERATORS, AIR CONDITIONERS, FREEZERS, DEHUMIDIFIERS, ETC. will be assessed a $20.00 charge for Freon removal and collection to the person disposing of the unit.  The fee will be charged whether or not the freon has been removed.  PLEASE!  Do not cut the tubing and release the freon into the air!  A much better alternative is to insist that the store selling you the new unit takes your old unit when delivering the new one.

TIRES:  We accept up to 2 tires per family per week at a cost of $5.00 per tire up to 15 inch, $10.00 per small truck tire (16-19 inch) or $20.00 per large truck tire.

                                                    TRANSFER STATION HOURS – SATURDAY 9:00 AM UNTIL 3:00 PM

The Transfer Station is located on Townline Road (Route 262).  Bags and Punch cards for C & D items must be purchased at the Town Clerk’s office.  THE TRANSFER STATION DOES NOT FOLLOW THE HOLIDAY OFFICE CLOSINGS OF THE TOWN CLERK’S OFFICE.


Wednesday’s – July 5th & thru August 30th 5 – 7 pm.